Anti-Cellulite Cream

Anti-Cellulite Cream is a new product on the modern market specially made for people who want to combat their fat and cellulite deposits. Many modern people try to combat stubborn fat deposits within the layers of their skin but often with no result. The product is manufactured by the company named AC Cream which has its official website with a fine design. Other products of the company include age-defying formula, anti-redness cream and eye-renewal cream. This cream promises to improve skin microcirculation and stimulate fat breakdown deep within the skin layers due to caffeine contained in it. The manufacturer also promises to burn fat with the help of other ingredients called Provislim and Reguslim. AC Cream also inhibits fat cell creation, growth and maturation; converts fat to connective tissue; destroys sub-dermal fat; reduces oxidative stress; decreases tissue edema; prevents the loss moisture in the skin; and smoothens the skin. The promises of the manufacturer are very promising but dies the cream really work so effectively? To answer this question, let us look at the main ingredients in the cream further in this review.

The manufacturer's website gives only superficial description of three ingredients in Anti-Cellulite Cream but it is not enough to ensure that the supplement will be effective. That is why I made my own research. So, the official website says that the key ingredients of the cream include caffeine, Provislim and Reguslim.

Caffeine is believed to be a strong antioxidant that is able to break down fat deep within the skin layers. It can also enhance microcirculation in the skin. According to the website, caffeine is possibly effective for weight loss, but there is lack of evidence proving this claim. Taking caffeine in combination with ephedrine is likely to reduce weight for a short term but it seems not to be effective when applied topically like in case of Anti-Cellulite Cream. However, there is a risk that it can cause unwanted side effects described further in the review.

Provislim is the combination of two active ingredients known as fisetin and frambinone. Those are said to act against fat, even though I failed to find any scientific approval of this claim. Fistein is a natural flavonoid that facilitates lipolysis and diminishes lipogenesis after eating. Frambinone is a phenolic compound that enhances basal lipolysis. This compound is promised to improve the user's silhouette and skin elasticity, decrease edema, skin roughness, thickness and volume. What is bad about Provislim is that it is a completely new compound in cosmetic modeling products which cannot be completely trusted and requires further study.

Reguslim is another ingredient in the cream. According to the manufacturer, it facilitates the process of fat burning in the cells and speeds up oxidation of free fatty acids. When I tried to find any additional information about this component I failed because there is no any other data about it online. It means that the ingredient is badly studied, not popular and can carry potential dangers to your skin health. I would not risk using this compound. I also failed to find at least something about additional ingredients of Anti-Cellulite Cream. They can be allergic or dangerous but we even don't know what they are.

The manufacturer doesn't tell anything about possible adverse reactions or side effects of the product. As a specialist, I can say that even natural components can trigger potential risks for the human skin, especially if it has any problems. Let us have a look at the ingredients of the cream and try to find out whether they can cause any side effects.

Caffeine possesses strong stimulant effects and can be dangerous even when used topically on the skin. Many users of this compound complain of experiencing skin acne, redness and irritation. Large doses might even lead to anxiety, headache, agitation, and ringing in the ears. This component should be avoided by children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. When applied onto the breasts, caffeine can pass into breast milk and have negative impact on breast-fed infants causing irritability, sleep disturbances, and increased bowel activity.

Caffeine might make the conditions of anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder, bleeding disorders, and heart conditions worse. It is also not recommended to patients with diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, glaucoma, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and weak bones. So, use caffeine-containing products with care. To better understand how Anti-Cellulite Cream works let us read a few customers' reviews.

"I have used many anti-cellulite creams before and Anti-Cellulite Cream didn't make a great difference to me. I don't see noticeable results except for insignificant weight loss which could occur because I stick to the low-calorie diet."

"I didn't like the effect of Anti-Cellulite Cream. After using it I had my skin somewhat swollen. Even though this swelling was almost invisible to others, it was unpleasant to me. I also had cystic acne but I am not sure whether it is linked to the cream."

"I had a good initial reaction to Anti-Cellulite Cream but I honestly didn't expect any terrific improvement after the first month. I kept using the cream for two more months but still no results. I think I will stop buying it."

Anti-Cellulite Cream can be purchased from the official company's website for $129.95. It is a rather expensive cream. It is not available of other retail stores like Walmart, Amazon, or GNC.

I cannot recommend Anti-Cellulite Cream to usage as I don't think that it really works for the reduction of fat deposits in the deep layers of skin. It contains unknown ingredients which can be potentially harmful for the health of skin. There are some negative customers' testimonials about the use of the cream. Besides, the product is not that cheap. Taking into account all pros and cons of the cream, I cannot recommend it to usage. There are many other more effective anti-cellulite solutions for your skin. Don't forget to combine them with a proper exercise program, organic product, Gluten-free foods and enough sex.